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Proteomics: A new research area for the biomedical field

Type Information
Nr 12 (Research article)
Authors Malmström, Johan; Malmström, Lars; Marko-Varga, Gyorgy
Title Proteomics: A new research area for the biomedical field
Journal Journal of Organ Dysfunction (2005) 1 83-94
DOI 10.1080/17471060500223910
Citations 8 citations (journal impact: 0.0)
Abstract Proteomics the detailed understanding of the role that proteins play in health and disease is a necessary complement to genetic analysis. Rapid progress within the proteomics field has opened up possibilities for direct intervention in the medical and clinical area where diseases disease progression and cause of disease can be investigated at a molecular level. This review introduces the proteomics field illustrating the link to disease and organ dysfunctions and the problem-solving progress currently ongoing in other research areas. The proteomics research field is progressing through developments in novel technology that have recently driven the biological interpretation of proteomics studies forward. A personal overview is presented with examples from the areas of clinical proteomics tissue imaging and profiling as well as examples of targeted proteomics studies.