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Journalists generally write about science in a way that is more comprehensible to the public than scientists do. Below are some noteworthy articles related to my research.

Publication Comment
Protein modeling in the IBM cloud press release of our efforts carrying out high-performance computing in the IBM cloud
Protein modeling in the IBM cloud video covering the basics of our efforts carrying out high-performance computing in the IBM cloud
ETH life article Article about our efforts of carrying out high-performance computing in the IBM cloud (in German)
IBM press release about one of our joint experiments (in German) We carried out a big computational experiment in collaboration with IBM and CloudBroker. In short, we used 1000 computers part of the IBM cloud during a little more than a week to calculate 3D structures of proteins from S.pyogenes. The story was also published here: Computerworld, netzwoche, inside-it and moneycab, all in German
Grids boost Scientific Research - Interview by Andres Aeschlimann for the Switch journal Sigve Haug and I were interviewed by Andres Aeschlimann about the use of computer grids in scientific research. The interview is printed in the October 2010 issue, starting on page 17.
Science Daily writes about the PLoS article This article in ScienceDaily briefly discusses why structures for an entire proteome is helpful and that our publication in PLoS in early 2007 is an important step in that direction.
The Economist writes about distributed computing. The Economist writes about the enormous computational resources that are donated to scientific research.
NYTimes writes about the IBM world community grid NYTimes cover the launch of the IBM world community grid. We have harvested over 60,000 computer years (the number of years a single computer needs to run to complete the same project) since the launch.
Slashdot on world community grid Slashdot covers the launch of the Human Proteome folding project on the world community grid